From Scratch: The idea behind the name Weirdly?

The idea behind the name Weirdly? The things that make people interesting and unique are what makes us magic, what makes us really good at stuff. We are helping you to find the right kind of weirdness to make your business more productive.” Follow the story of Keren, Hayden, Dale and Simon who [...]

NZ Space Challenge Winner!

  The search for New Zealand’s top space talent has come to an end, with the winner of the 2018 NZ Space Challenge recently announced in Christchurch. The inaugural Space Challenge was won by John Ahearn of  GPS Control Systems with their concept of a Global Navigation Satellite System to [...]

GridAKL Mural Art Day

What to do with a boring black wall bordering the outside courtyard at the John Lysaght building? Invite the GridAKL community to come along and paint it! So that’s what we did and the result is pretty darn fine. Check out this cool little vid made by our friends from Phoenix [...]

Introducing MyBitcoinSaver

The world of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin may seem baffling to many of us, a new-fangled piece of digital technology that is creating headline news around the world. But two digital entrepreneurs based at GridAKL / John Lysaght, founders Matt Gibson and Sam Blackmore, are determined to demystify [...]

Startup Hub Friday Five: E-commerce

We have a bunch of people in our Startup Hub community who dabble with, or have e-commerce as a core string to their bow; so it seemed only fitting to focus on it for this weeks Friday five. And while you may be familiar with the ASOS’s and Alibaba’s of the world, what else is […]

Startup Hub Friday Five: Sharing Economy

At the recent PWC Herald Talk on The Sharing Economy, there was plenty of conversations about examples of how businesses based on sharing or renting models were tracking well. But what is happening in New Zealand that you might not have considered? Beyond Airbnb and Uber the sharing economy can [...]