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Good for Goose…

As kiwis settle into staying home, shopping continues – now via e-commerce. It is not surprising then that GridAKL residents Goose are experiencing strong growth as a direct result of COVID-19. When asked what the focus is for the next three months, Goose Founders Craig Haggart & Basky Baskar said, “We are spearheading into our busiest period. We have already started planning our clients Labour Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, Day after New Year’s Day, School Holidays & Summer Sales.”

They go on to say, “We are focused on ensuring we maintain the balance between the increase in demand and keeping the same level of quality service you would get from Goose. Learning how to navigate the tricky waters of growing a stronger team. We’ve seen an increasing demand for our service from the AU, USA & UK market, and we are working on building a stronger team to support that demand.”

The Goose team have an important message for business owners “if you don’t adapt, you don’t endure”.

“Due to Covid-19, there has been an increase in the acceptance of purchasing online from a specific demographic who were sceptical about buying anything online before. This has led retailers to focus on improving their online experience to make buying things online easy.

We’ve got a client who’s been in the industry for the last 100 years, who was sceptical about making a full commitment to go online and was happy doing most things manually, he preferred opening more bricks and mortar stores.

When we went into lockdown, overnight they became the ‘Go-to’ online store in their industry, his online sales that week was more than what he made the entire year. They could not keep up with drastic growth as he was doing everything manually and now, they’ve moved everything online and are happy with the steady online and in-store growth.”

Despite 2020 being such a difficult and chaotic year for businesses, it’s heartening to see growth in such an unpredictable and challenging world. It’s pretty clear online shopping is here to stay; which means the future for Goose and its stellar team, is definitely looking bright.