Lysaght Building

101 Pakenham Street West. GridAKL’s first permanent building. GridAKL / Lysaght is home to a mix of startups and SMEs with shared work stations, meeting rooms, 100-person event space, technology and cafe facilities.

The John Lysaght building was the first permanent space in the innovation precinct at Wynyard Quarter, and is the original startup hub of GridAKL. Home to 200+ members across our coworking areas and tech cafe, plus a hectic event space, Lysaght is a community space dedicated to early staged entrepreneurs and innovative companies. We know that Startups are hard when you’re sitting at the kitchen table or alone in the garden shed. So GridAKL set up this rad space to bring people together.

It’s a whole lot more than just a work space though. It’s a friendly community of like-minded people who share wins and fails, meetups, lunches, events and all sorts of random coffee-fueled chats. You’ll make loads of valuable contacts, collaborations and connections with the people and businesses that you need in order to learn more and grow your business.

GridAKL can also link you to the serious stuff like accelerator and incubator programmes, angel investor networks and local and national government initiatives to help you reach your business and life goals. The experienced and expert GridAKL team are on the ground to take care of the small stuff, whilst helping you achieve the big stuff.

Welcome to GridAKL