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Data Science Discussion Group

This is a group for anyone interested in Data Science and Machine Learning.
We try to focus on intermediate to advanced level material. But if you are new to Data Science, we are a very welcoming group and we encourage you to come along as you will still be able to get a lot out of the discussion.


3 November 2022


6:30 pm


GridAKL Lysaght Building




Last session we looked at the architecture of the Transformer and how it is used for NLP. This session we will continue looking at the Transformer and introduce the task of Computer Vision.

Here are a list of resources, of which we hope you will go through one or more of them so that you can bring what you have learnt to the meetup

General Transformer Architecture

Vision Transformer

We encourage you to spend some time with the material before the session. It is fine if you do not understand all of it. The purpose of this meetup is to ask questions and to learn.

If you would like to propose a research paper, blog post, Kaggle competition or something else as the topic for the following meeting, prepare a 30-60 second proposal. We will have these proposals at the end of the session.

We hope to see you there!

Meeting Schedule:

6:30 – Introductions
6:35 – Discussion
7:25 – Nominate and vote for following meeting’s next topic
7:30 – Meeting ends

Thanks to Thematic and GridAKL for sponsoring the group


For more information and registration: MeetUp