Vision and mission


An Innovation Precinct in Wynyard Quarter that, within 20 years, will be a major Asia-Pacific hub and showcase of innovation in the high-tech industries. It will create, attract and grow world-class research, talent and technology-based ventures.


GridAKL’s mission is to:

“To grow innovative businesses, create jobs, and enrich the innovation community for Auckland’s economic future”

It will:

  • Grow businesses by supporting businesses to realise their innovation potential for growth, providing mentoring, expertise, and access to capital and markets, to help them scale their ideas for commercial success
  • Create jobs in the emergent innovation economy, helping to build the talent pool and skills required by businesses and necessary for individuals to be successful in the 21st century global economy
  • Enrich Auckland’s innovation community by building networks and creating connections; promoting and celebrating Auckland’s strong innovation culture; and building the capability of innovation citizens, entrepreneurs and businesses.


There are five core objectives that will steer GridAKL through our journey to creating a sustainable innovation precinct for Auckland.

  1. Building strong communities: leading to a well-connected Auckland innovation ecosystem, with strong networks nationally and internationally joining individuals, businesses, institutions and communities.
  2. Embedding innovation in Auckland’s DNA: GridAKL is a signifier and an identified for innovation in Auckland. GridAKL will nurture values, norms and behaviours that embrace, promote and celebrate our innovative and entrepreneurial culture.
  3. Nurturing innovation and entrepreneurial talent: enabling individuals and businesses to develop their skills and capability to enable them to innovate, grow their business and stay relevant in the global economy
  4. Growing business and building innovation capability: ensuring high growth innovative businesses get the right advice and support at the right time to grow their business and commercialise their innovations.
  5. Connecting business with capital: helping businesses access capital more easily to grow their businesses.