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Founder’s Chat with Michael Max of Woork – Using your coworking space to grow your business

Finding the right environment to grow your start-up business can be hard.

Countless enterprises have been set up in bedrooms across the world, with little more than a great idea and a laptop.

However, if you want to really grow your business and take things to the next level, tapping into the right idea, the right environment and finding the right people to help you make it happen is critical. You might find yourself searching for more.

More advice, more support, and more connections.

That’s exactly where Michael Max found himself this time last year, at TechWeek 2018. I spoke to Michael about Woork’s journey so far and his advice for other founders looking to grow their business.

Where it all started

This time last year, Michael set about preparing for his event at TechWeek to showcase Woork and connect with his customers. At that time, Woork was a marketplace platform, aiming to directly connect real estate agents to buyers.

“I had never organised an event like it. I booked the whole day and I was just excited to have 20 people drop in throughout the day!”

Although the event may not have been as fruitful as Michael had hoped, one connection he did make that day was with the GridAKL / John Lysaght Community Team.

The turning point

“The team saw our tenacity, and our ability to adapt to feedback.”

Following the event, Michael decided to base Woork at GridAKL / John Lysaght and got settled into their new community. They started to attend events, get involved in the daily activations at the space, and make connections in and beyond the community.

Over the next year, Woork went through 2.5 pivots, growing from a marketplace platform, to a CRM and finally to its current form: a virtual assistance programme for real estate agents. Michael’s team grew from 4 to 36, and Woork has built a strong reputation within the real estate industry.

“The growth that we’ve had in 1 year at GridAKL has been the equivalent to 4 or 5 years elsewhere.”

Michael attributes Woork’s success so far to the values they learned at GridAKL: being flexible, not having an ego and being willing to adapt, and to constantly listen to your market and allow yourself to be directed by your customers.

A chance to reflect

Coming full circle to TechWeek 2019, Michael is looking forward to the soft launch of Woork and a chance to reflect. I ask him his top tips for any business planning a similar event.

1) Reflect on how far you’ve come. Show your audience how far you’ve come so they can share your journey.

2) Plan your event like a customer. Think carefully about what kind of event your customer would enjoy and design it around that idea.

3) Know your customer well so you can get them excited beforehand, to ensure that you have the people you want at your event.

“Ultimately my goal is to build a unicorn, that’s every entrepreneur’s dream, right?!”

We’re excited to see what the next year has in store for Woork. If you’re working in the real estate industry, or want to be hear more about their journey, come along to their free event Tuesday 21st May at GridAKL/ John Lysaght.

Also, if you’re like Michael, and looking to grow your start-up, come along to GridAKL / John Lysaght next Wednesday 22nd May for a FREE coworking day 8:30 am – 5 pm. Bring your laptop, meet our great community and get ready to see your business take off!


This blog post was written by Laura Briggs, part of our Community Team at GridAKL / John Lysaght. With special thanks to Michael Max for sharing his advice and insights.