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Leading Above the Line – Mindful leadership event


13 March 2020


12:30 pm


GridAKL Lysaght Building


245 275

Learn and practice the foundations of Mindful Leadership. Lead above the line: improve self-awareness, emotional agility & mental fitness

About this Event

Our working environments are becoming increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA).

Leading change and the capacity to connect are therefore primary leadership competencies required today.

Neither is easy. They require us to level up and develop resilience, agility, empathy and self-awareness.

Change brings up fear, resistance, insecurity and reactivity.

In order to help move people beyond these regressive states of mind, leaders need to shift out of reactive and into adaptive style of leadership. They need to develop their own resilience and emotional intelligence. The capacity for empathy and the ability to accept their own vulnerability around the challenges they face are key competencies needed to be able to meet the demands of complexity and unpredictability of leading change.


“Opportunities for leadership are all around us. The capacity for leadership is deep within us.” Madeleine Albright

Research tells us that when leaders do not manage stress effectively, more than 50% of their employees believe their leader is either harmful or irrelevant to their job and the entire organization’s performance. Yet, when leaders are adept at managing stress, only about 10% of their employees harbor such negative opinions.

When asked what has the most significant impact on their level of engagement, 37% of employees reported that it is the quality of leadership, in particular at the senior level.

During this 1/2 day workshop, Maya will share her model of Mindful Leadership and introduce some key ideas and tools to help you get back in touch with your leadership potential and gain a better understanding of how to live and lead above the line.

Mindful Leaders are calm and empathic leaders who know how to manage themselves in times of stress. They are resilient, open and know how to get better engagement and more productivity out of their people. They are in touch with a sense of meaning and enjoyment in their role.

Principal learning outcomes will be around exploring how to improve:

  • Personal clarity and focus
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-monitoring and stress management skills
  • Mental fitness and emotional resilience
  • Mental and emotional agility
  • Enhanced empathy and interpersonal skills
  • Deep listening skills and postponement of unconscious bias.

“In more than 30 years of research, we’ve found that increasing mindfulness increases charisma and productivity, decreases burnout and accidents, and increases creativity, memory, attention, positive affect, health, and even longevity. When mindful, we can take advantage of opportunities and avert the dangers that don’t yet exist. This is true for the leader and the led.”

Ellen Langer, Professor of Psychology at Harvard University