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Agile Coaching Meetup


4 February 2021


5:45 pm


GridAKL Lysaght Building

In this time together, I would like to talk about topics that may be on the top of your minds as an Agile Coach, An Agile Practitioner or a member of an organisation that has adopted an Agile way of doing. I feel this is equally great for new Agile Coaches as well as seasoned mature practitioners.

In some ways and in some environments it still feels like Agile is this new thing and like with most new scary things, sometimes people spend too much time worried about experimenting or scared to ask or enquire on whether “this is Agile or Not”.

Is this even a thing?? Can we still achieve results without Dogma? is there a middle ground between teaching, Coaching and Instructing?

I would like to bring these conversations front and centre and address these things and as a community grow in courage to help our organisations and people as well as maybe help dispel some limiting beliefs. I am assuming this will take more than one sit down to discuss, so depending on the amount of topics and popularity, this may be a 4 session weekly meetup to cover these topics of interest.

The agenda/topic chosen to be discussed will be taken from these responses submitted by you (the community) as collected in this survey

We will use a combination of some liberating structures and Lean coffee to facilitate an in person and all inclusive conversation. It will be light hearted conversations.

I look forward to seeing you all and will collate the responses adding it to a wiki or FAQ section somewhere public for all to see.

There will be Pizza and please bring your own drink bottle (no alcohol) – hence the 1 dollar charge that will be taken at the door. We accept a coin donation, PayPal, ANZ Pay to mobile and IOUs.