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Friday Five: The antidote to startup stress?


Friday Five: The antidote to startup stress?

By September 22, 2016No Comments

If you feel the grind of work getting you down or the pace of startup life to quick this week, or need a bit of Friday afternoon chill-time – this week’s Friday Five is for you! Covering everything from work-life balance for startup founders through to the art of quitting, apps for meditating and a battle to focus on making something you love.

1/ Dustin Moskovitz on work life balance
“I kinda burnt myself out… I think a lot of people look back on that and think that’s what you need to do that’s what it takes… but I think we are successful in spite of it. Because looking back I can see how it affected a lot of my interactions, it affected my focus, it affected my ability to make good decisions. So now I approach Asana very differently, and my advice to entrepreneurs is very different.” 

2/ Liz Danzico on the fringe benefits of quitting
“I want to challenge you to stop what you are doing right now. I want you to stop that boring project you have been working on too long… I want to encourage you to quit, or consider it’s an option.” 

3/ Download something
Find yourself sinking into work, while your heart rate raises exponentially. The solution to your stressed out woes may be in the form of an app. There are plenty to choose from Smiling Mind , to Headspace.  The Guardian even has a top five

4/Casey Eden at Startup Grind Auckland on finding a model for business that works for you
I attended this chat with Casey, and appreciated his refreshing honesty about what he wanted from Neighbourly. Building a startup does not mean you have to scale it exponentially forever. It could be that your startup is a smaller, more local affair and that is success too – if that is what you are wanting. “Looking at yourself as a person and asking what do you want for yourself.”

5/Natasha Lampard on the long game
I am so in love with this message from Natasha that I am not going to write a mini recap of it. Just watch it. 

Anya wrangles the brand and marketing for GridAKL, she writes a Friday Five on the reg (unless she is busy). Do you have something you feel she should write a Friday Five on? Reach out to her on twitter