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Friday Five : Communication


Friday Five : Communication

By June 17, 2016No Comments

This week the Friday Five is all about communication, from bullshit to data mining. So make yourself a cuppa and kill some time/get inspired. 

1) Are you a bullshitter?
Are you speaking with purpose? Are you writing with a target in mind? Do you have anything to say at all? And what is the point of what you are saying/doing/making/creating/putting into the world? This article from 99u which included the video embedded got us thinking about the impacts of action and the driver behind our choices.

2) A different way of thinking, without leaving your desk
I often write about and talk about how new ideas come to being and the importance of moving outside of your “normal” routine/conversation/meetup group in order to shift your perspectives. Prompt make this easy. Simply sign up, be sent a prompt via email to which you have 18 hours to respond and after that you get to see everyone’s responses. Not only a great way to flex your brain in a way that is not dictated by yourself or by your job BUT a great way to see other people’s perspectives on a subject, idea or phrase. Sign up here.

3) Where do you go? … My data…
Confessions of a Data Broker is an animation that walks you through the reality of the impacts your communication can have without you even knowing.

4) No one understands you.
Your idea is only as good as your explanation of it so if you are using a lot of jargon then no-one-knows-what-you-are-talking-about. So this Quartz article where they delve into the fact that no one understands startups because they use jargon laden explanations is both funny and pretty worrying. Some of this is trying to make a simple thing sound impressive, a cloud based visually driven content collation platform sounds a lot cooler than an online diary with pictures after-all… but this point brings me onto my next one…

5) Write clearly, boldly and with style
I penned a piece for BizDojo a while ago on writing, and one of the tools i mentioned was the Hemigway App. In the vein of Hemingway himself, the app makes your writing bold and clear. It is a really simple tool, and one that is a good starting point if you want to move beyond overly floury or jargon laden text.  

Anya is the brand and communications wrangler for GridAKL why not connect with her on twitter?