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By April 21, 2016No Comments

From VR to the the diverse faces of Silicon Valley, this week our Friday Five is all about new ways of doing things. 

1:The new way to do VR

It seems that forever the comparison to Oculus has been, well… nothing. Nothing has compared. So it has been interesting to see the comparisons between Oculus and HTC Vive pop up. This one from ARS Technica is pretty exhaustive, covering everything from comfort to packaging (honestly). Check it out here.

2: Your new way to waste an afternoon

If your mode of wasting time between meetings is not Candy Crush, then please let me introduce you to Cassanova – an online game in which you make a little giraffe stretch its neck to kiss other Giraffes. We aren’t going to pretend that it’s innovative, but it’s cute. Click here to play it.

3: The new way to Grow Up

Founder of the Webbys (amongst other things), Tiffany Shlain is one interesting woman, and her views on technology are overwhelmingly positive, reverent and to be honest beautiful. She has a big vision for the future, and for it to be possible, we all really need to get on board. “(the internet).. Was made to connect data, but now it connects us”.

4: The new way to view the faces of technology

I have been following Techies since seeing the call for people to be involved on Medium, so it is pretty amazing that now this portrait project of employees in Silicon Valley is now live. The series gives a real face to the Valley, which can oft be viewed in a kind of one dimensional caricature land of cookie cutter investors, and hopeful, young, male geniuses. Check it out here, and don’t forget to click on the images to read about the person behind the photo.

5: The new way to do wellness

We have noticed a bit of a recurring conversation around wellness, balance and looking after your team recently, and if you are so inclined to craft a wellness plan you can read this [s]well post (get it) from the crew at Weirdly, which includes a link to their Weirdly Wellness Challenge generator – ya know, if you need inspiration.

Anya is the brand and communications wrangler for GridAKL, you can find the newest things she is saying on twitter here.