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By April 27, 2016No Comments

Curiosity about a structure can lead you to trigger a light show but curiosity can also lead in some decidedly more kooky adventures. We tackle all that is curious in this weeks Friday Five. 

1. The most curious way to share music

One of the defining aspects of innovation comes back to the ability to see the possibilities. It’s often asking the question of ‘What will this do?’ In the case of this excellent mash-up of popular culture and technology, what this does is creates a typically out there approach to sharing music. This will fit right into our office.

2. Encouraging curiosity to fuel learning

Given how easy it is to get into the same thought patterns which often (surprisingly!) yield the same results – Ramsey Musallam’s TED talk offers some prescient pointers to freshening up your thinking. Having the curiosity to ask the hard questions, not shying away from messy trial-and-error, and spending time to reflect on what you know, in order to find out what you don’t, should keep you on your toes in the best possible way.  

3. Curiousity in outer space!

There’s nothing more curious than thinking ‘I wonder what’s out there?’. In the case of NASA (in collaboration with Microsoft) they’re bringing those answers back to you with their recently unveiled plans to offer VR tours of Mars at the Kennedy Space Centre. All of the imagery has been have been taken in the last two years by the rover ‘Curiosity’

4. Curiosity creates a light show

In Sao Paolo, designer Guto Requena and Heineken have reclaimed the rooftop of one of the cities tallest buildings to serve up an interactive art-piece based on the sounds of the city. Movement around the installation triggers a  sound-scape of the Brazilian capital offering a unique look at the metropolis, both through the art and from the 30th floor.  

5. The curious world of changing the way we make things

With Hardcore Henry coming out at Cinemas in NZ very shortly, it’s a good representation of a creative exercise in both the innovative way it’s shot and also the way that it was funded.  

Anya is the brand and communications wrangler for GridAKL, check out her latest curious musings by following her on twitter here.