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By April 15, 2016No Comments

This Friday we tackle all things connection themed, from the connection between slow internet and rage, slack and productivity and even a little bit of dystopian future. 

1: The connection between Slack and a lack of productivity?

We here at GridAKL love Slack, but our love also comes with a dose of realism. It is not a perfect tool, because partly the people that are using said tool are.. Well.. people. If you are yet to get your dose of realism along with your love of slack, this article entitled “Slack, I’m Breaking Up With You” might be the perfect Friday read.

2: The connection between science and kindness?

Recently we have been reading “12 Kinds of Kindness: an experiment designed to open our hearts and our minds”, put together by Jessica Walsh [Of the playful and innovative agency Sagmeister and Walsh] and Timothy Goodman [Designer & Illustrator]. Check it out here.

3: The connection between habit and innovation.

It seems surprising that the new will come out of the habitual, but this TED talk with Adam Grant goes there.

4: The connection between machines and dystopia.

“The Promise of Total Automation, an exhibition recently opened at Kunsthalle Wien in Vienna, looks at our troubled relationship with machines.” See more on We Make Money Not Art.

5: The connection between your internet going down and you filling with seething rage

Apparently this is just a sign of the times, with a culture of instant gratification making us possibly not the best humans to be around. So i guess we all have that as an excuse? Read more on Boston Globe.

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