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Tim Kastelle is a heavy hitting innovation authority, advisor and advocate whose blog The Discipline of Innovation is devoured by more than 2500 people a day. He is the Associate Professor in Innovation Management at the University of Queensland, and the Managing Editor of the Journal Innovation: Management, Policy and Practice.  The man boasts a Twitter following of 12,000, has made the top ten of the Top 40 list of Innovation Bloggers on multiple occasions, is basically an innovator’s Yoda AND he is headed our way!

We are super excited to announce Tim as the next international speaker hitting up New Zealand in February, visiting GridAKL in Auckland on Wednesday February 10th (plus dropping in on BizDojo in Wellington on the 11th as part of the Collider programme!)


Level 1 Coworking Space, operated by BizDojo
Located within GridAKL
101 Pakenham West Street, Wynyard Quarter


Evening Masterclass | Questioning Innovation

5.30pm – 7.30pm Wednesday February 10th

GridAKL Event Space

Dive into more depth in this main event, as Tim delivers his full presentation followed by a brief workshop and curated Q&A session. This is for those wanting to improve the innovation within your organisation. Great for Scaling Startups, Intrapreneurs / innerpreneurs in larger teams and inquisitive minds:


“The hype around innovation right now is massive. In business today, increasing efficiency is no longer enough to ensure success. If you want to thrive, you must innovate as well. But all the excited talk leaves unanswered some of the most important questions for organisations – such as ‘How do we get started?’, ‘What is the best way to become more systematic in our innovation capability?’ and ‘How can we best manage the risk and uncertainty inherent in innovation, especially as the pace of disruptive change continues to accelerate?’. These questions are important for both startups and established organisations. In this session, we’ll try to answer these questions.”

For full event details and to register HEAD HERE