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Friday Five: Happiness meets innovation


Friday Five: Happiness meets innovation

By February 5, 2016No Comments

A weekly taste of five good things to inspire your work, craft your ideas and distract you (with usefulness) on a Friday afternoon… 

Ben Chestnut (Mailchimp) on loving what you do

Theo De Monchy on happiness being experiential not stuff based

Companies can no longer simply push products onto consumers; they have to sell products that consumers can relate to and that enhance their lifestyles.

— Theo Deo Monchy – Previously Unavailable via Idealog

Read the whole thing over at Idealog

Ben Dawes Happiness Machine

Inspired by a passage from Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine, The Happiness Machine is an Internet connected printer that prints random happy thoughts by random people from across the web.

— Ben Dawes

Insight from Gamerz because playing is serious business

Trace II’s topographical mappings evoke images generated by high technologies such as MRI scans, 3D scanning, etc. The difference is that this kinetic sculpture is an open structure where the workings are visible and easy to read, allowing the viewer to reconnect with the process behind the image production.

— via We Make Money Not Art

Read the whole thing over at We Make Money Not Art

Making you appear happy when you are not (during skype calls maybe)

Anya wrangles Brand & Communications for GridAKL, you can follow her on twitter here.