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New to GridAKL: YeahNah


New to GridAKL: YeahNah

By August 17, 2015No Comments

The thing that makes The GridAKL Hub tick is the people that call the space home. Today we feature our latest residents Mat and Luke from YeahNah. Find out more about the guys, their business and the thing they want anyone else crafting a startup to know. 

Who makes up the YeahNah team?
Mat Blamires and Luke McIntyre are the co founders of YeahNah. While we wait for the 1st of what we believe to be many hires to join our team we are utilizing a couple of bloody amazing contract developers.

Tell us about what you do, and what makes you different!
We’re building a mobile centric communication platform for the time poor, (and opinion rich as one of our friends noted).

Currently in “stealth” 

The average YeahNah day is ….
On the phone, Chatting, Listening, Patting George, Typing, Skyping, Pacing, Researching, Patting George, Drinking coffee, Walking and talking, Scheming, Watching, Learning, Coding coding coding, testing testing testing.

We think the next four months are going to look like ….
An increase in excitement as we near launch of the product where we finally get to see how users actually use it. (we think we know, but know we don’t)

We think the next year is going to look like …
Watching and listening to users. Adjusting product and increasing awareness across different continents. Generally a lot of running, coding, re iterating. Implementation of new features and onboarding new users, brands and businesses while looking for partnerships and opportunities in new sectors

Success to us looks like …
Users loving the product, sharing with friends and peers, and explosive growth through both enterprise and social concurrently.

We really respect …
Anyone who decides to start a tech startup in NZ. Why? Because it’s not an easy task, or a sure thing. Security belongs to those who are too scared to try.

The one thing we would tell another startup to do is …
Get a solid team from day 1. A team that believe in what you are building and will stop at nothing to see it succeed.

The one thing we wish someone had told us was …
Stop using contractors and commit to full timers asap! Cut the churn!!!

The best thing on the internet is (other than you – duh)?
Gifs 😛

(Eds Note: when we told the YeahNah guys that we had space for them, they sent us a gif reply – it was then that we knew in our heart of hearts that they were going to fit in) 

Other than this whole Yeah Nah thing we are also good at …
Hmm…, good at…, Give us some time to find a game on the HGM machine that we kick ass on and come back to us!

You can find out more about YeahNah by visiting them here. If you prefer to talk to dogs, you can tweet George the YeahNah dog here