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People of GridAKL : Say hello to Weirdly

The GridAKL Hub is now home to 15 resident startups, from small teams tackling visitor experience projects, through to those tackling social enterprise, health and safety and cloud back-ups.

With so many companies sharing the GridAKL Hub, and a plethora of talented people amongst them we are investigating new ways to share their stories, tips and tidbits. This week we look to video to help tell the story of Weirdly.

We have written about Weirdly before and you may have spotted them once or twice on our Twitter and Instagram feeds. After seeing that the recruitment world was doing things in a less than logical way, Weirdly have created a tool that allows you to recruit for culture fit as well as technical fit, all whilst making the recruitment process itself easier. We could go on and on, but we thought it would be much better to get the team themselves to explain what they are doing in this People of GridAKL video with Dale Clareburt, the CEO of Weirdly!