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The Lean Startup Conference LIVE with GridAKL & Flounders’ Club

Because we all need a reason to get excited on a Monday, we have a little something special to announce. GridAKL and Flounders’ Club have joined forces to host a live-stream of the popular Lean Startup Conference, Live from San Francisco. 

Taking place on the 11th and 12th of December, join us for a complimentary light breakfast and a dose of daily inspiration. This year the conference program is built around a series of hard questions entrepreneurs commonly face, including around experiments & processes, metrics & accountability, teams, culture and people! 

The speaker lineup is amazing, you can check out all the details on the official Lean Startup Conference website here

We will be live streaming the main talks, starting at 6am on Thursday the 11th of December to Friday the 12th of December in the GridAKL Carpet Space. We will start the day with some awesome coffee to wake you up, breakfast treats and good company. You can drop in during the day or pop out as you want, and can even work from the space for the day if you want utilising the wireless – all for free! RSVP by following this link, or clicking the big ol’ button below. 

What:  Lean Startup Conference with GridAKL & Flounders’ Club 
When: December 11th and 12th                                                                             
            6AM onwards (drop in and out as you need)                                          
Where: GridAKL Carpet Space,                                                                            
             Ground Floor                                                                                          
             132 Halsey Street                                                                                   
Cost:    FREE but spaces are limited!